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Insider Guide And Templates - Affiliate Recruitment

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Insider Guide: Affiliate Recruitment

+ JV Recruitment Emails and Examples

+ JV Tools Page Template and Example

+ JV Sign Up Page Template and Example

+ Affiliate Recruitment Checklist

+ JV & Affiliate Directories

+ JV Tracking Sheet

+ Affiliate Graphics(.jpg & .psd)

+ Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Stats Worksheet

Launching a product is an exciting time. Theres a lot that goes into a successful launch and the expectations and financial rewards can be not only lucrative but also a lot of fun. Its always rewarding to see your hard work pay off.

Of course, for that pay off, there are many working parts. The product itself needs to be quality and aimed at the right audience and your marketing efforts should stress the benefits of the product and how it solves your audiences problems.

Keeping those two key points in mind will help you have a successful launch.

However, if you want to super-charge your launch, consider adding affiliates and JV partnerships to your launch marketing strategy.

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