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It doesnt matter what type of business youre in, chances are, you use images. Whether youre sharing images on social media, using images to create promotional material like banners or flyers, or posting images on your blog to go along with your articles, youre probably using images.

But are you using those images legally?

A lot of people seem to think its okay to grab images of Google Images or other sources. After all, theyre available publicly, so it must be okay, right?


Legally, you can only use images you have permission to use, and you can only use images you have permission to use in certain ways, depending on the license granted by the copyright holder. Confused, yet?

And to top it off, buying images to use legally can be extremely expensive. Some stock photo agencies charge several dollars for a single image, and may even charge hundreds of dollars if you want to use the image for something like a t-shirt or print. Outrageous!

Fortunately, there are ways to save money on your images, getting them much, much cheaper, or even free. Best of all, you can do this legally, so you wont be sued!

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