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Split Testing 101

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Uncover the secrets to potentially doubling your conversions with split testing!

Split testing is one of those things a lot of marketers neglect to use, because they think its overly complicated or isnt really necessary. And its understandable. It does seem like it would be a bit technical, but its actually a lot easier than you probably think!

As far as necessarywell, its as necessary as any other element of your business, and youll learn why later. Trust me, split testing is a vital component of your business. You might be able to succeed without it, but you could have even more success if you do use it!

So what is split testing, anyway?

Split testing, in case you havent heard of it, is the process of testing multiple versions of a particular piece of copy in order to find out which one converts best. For example, you could test multiple versions of a pages headline, or multiple color variations of a sales page.

You can do this manually by simply running one version for a while and tracking results, then making a change and allowing it to run for a while and comparing results, or by using a special piece of software that shows the different versions to visitors on a rotating basis.

In this guide, youre going to learn why split testing is so essential, and how you can use it to benefit your business.

So lets begin.

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